10 artists x 100 years


To celebrate the first centenary of the Company, Giovanardi SpA addresses to Contemporary Art promoting an avant-garde project regarding the production and the displaying of Art pieces.

Research applied to materials and machinery resulted in an artistic project culminating in an exhibition in the factory held for the centenary, during which the company has opened its doors to client and non-client companies, suppliers, banks, organizations, artists, art collectors, gallery owners, foundations and associations, citizens, schools, universities and of course to its collaborators and their families.

An example of the fruitful cooperation between the artists and the manufacturing industrial organization, committed in the research of new visual languages to create culture.

The exhibition has proved to be a great exercise and investment in research and development aimed at enhancing our future work.

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10 the selected artists that are invited to take part by the curators Martina Cavallarin and Marco Tagliafierro, with the scientific coordination of Giovanna Felluga, that have highlighted, in an independent and complementary way, different aspects of the relationship Artist/Company and manufacturing organization.

An opportunity for each artist to create an art piece that communicates the know-how, the materials, the technology and the tools that Giovanardi SpA uses and develops since 100 years.

10X100 contemporary art factory develops in 3 phases:


The artist stays in the company to create and design the art pieces in strict contact with the production areas of Giovanardi SpA;


Production of the art pieces thanks to the technologies, machines and qualified technicians of Giovanardi SpA;


Set-up of an exhibition in the modern and sophisticated company premises. The art pieces dialogue with the innovative displays produced by Giovanardi SpA and with the production machineries.

“Our commitment consists in the daily research of technical-aesthetic solutions addressed to the great luxury brands to convey their universe of values. This allowed us to develop an attitude to attentive listening suitable to face increasingly sophisticated needs.


Hence the idea of  celebrating the 100th anniversary of Giovanardi Spa with an artistic journey, not commissioning works to artists but putting our experience at their service, certain that this exchange will develop into a human and professional growth for each one of us”

Massimo Giovanardi
Curators involved
Martina Cavallarin
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Marco Tagliafierro
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Artist stays

Giovanardi SpA turns into an artistic, designing and productive workshop led by the 2 curators.

Five artists selected by Martina Cavallarin and five artists selected by Marco Tagliafierro that – with the direct cooperation with the owners, the technicians and the collaborators – convert the Company in a cultural exchange lab that lets the ideas flow, an intersection of contemporary artistic experiences.

The art pieces

Marotta & Russo
Welcome to Someday, 2019
Riccardo Paratore
Reproduction of Olivetti calculator Logos 58
Riccardo Previdi
Noi, 2019
Marie Denis
In the Wunderkammer, 2019
Alessandro Agudio
Tipo Vespasiano, 2019
Michele Spanghero
Panacousticon, 2019
Patrick Tuttofuoco
NO SPACE and NO TIME, 2019
Gianni Moretti
Capitoli di un monumento (I-XV), 2019
Jacopo Mazzetti
Discendenti (Descendants), 2019
Daniele Milvio
Altare per divinità storicizzate, 2019