Riccardo Previdi


(Milan, 1974) He studied architecture and visual arts. This dual education brought him to take interest in the relationship between art and design. Since 2006 the artist has been collaborating with the gallery Francesca Minini in Milano. He exhibited at the first Biennal in Moscow, at Manifesta 7, at the first Trienniale of Torino, at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, at MARTa of Herford, at De Vleeshal of Middelburg and at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, at Villa Croce in Genova and at Museion in Bolzano, just to name some. From 2001 to 2016 he has been living in Berlin, where he has realized the Green Pavillion, a temporary exhibition facility in which coexist personal and common exhibitions. Since 2016 he lives in Merano, in Alto Adige. In 2018 he begins to teach contemporary art at the Design and Arts division of the Bolzano University.


Riccardo Previdi’s artistic research wonders about the possibilities and the limits of the techonolgical/scientific thought by laying bare the complex mechanisms that are hidden behind the objects and the images that surround us in our everyday life. Recording, sometimes amplifying, the exceeding images and the shapes produced by our society, Riccardo Previdi’s work calls into question the promises of progress and of social redemption that are made by the modernity


“Having the possibility to work with Giovanardi is a great privilege. Having the chance to interact with people that don’t open their eyes wide when I describe to them what I would like to realize but that already have in their mind possible solutions, makes the productive phase a very uplifting experience.”

Noi, 2019

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