People, skills and methods for successful projects

Create, design, implement, experiment with new solutions, find the suitable materials, solve problems. We do that every day, together with our customers.

Listening, understanding, analysis and sharing are the qualities allowing us to find the solution.



Our work moves from a customer request, a brief, an original inspiration. From here, we start a dialogue to deepen and fully understand the needs and to visualize the purpose to be reached together.

Sometimes, everything is very clear in the vision of the customer, sometimes, we start a process to understand and explore several options.

Where does the inspiration come from? In this case, from an object of the Sicilian tradition, presented to us by the customer Dolce & Gabbana.


Inspired by this object, we have created the Christmas Windows with a design of golden leaves.



When one talks about ideas, it is important to have the ability to find the right language to understand each other, to focus, to create together, to imagine.

And more. For us, it is important to always acknowledge the positioning and style of each customer, to keep all steps consistent: budgeting, prototyping, production, assembly, packaging, logistics, transport, paperwork. Every person working in Giovanardi has this “customer sensitivity”.

“For an artist, the fact to find a technical consultant being able to understand you even in difficult situations, to listen and to understand you in a sort of sensory sharing is inestimable.”


Gianni Moretti



After being inspired, we realize the project and adjust our actions in a detailed and functional way to match time, costs, style, functionality.

With the aim to run all the steps of each project in a profitable way, starting from the concept, we cooperate since many years with the most eminent Italian design studios.

The new packaging Amplifon, designed in cooperation with Habits Studio, has been created to simplify the life of people using hearing aids daily, thanks to an accurate selection of materials and the care on design and details.



We work according to a complementary perspective: in case of doubts, we are available to support the customer.

Our skills and technical knowledge, our experience, our expertise, allow us to define and present a project shaping it and revising it in progress, based on all technical, economic and time-related needs.

The Giovanardi Alliance allows us to offer a better service with greater competitiveness, thanks to the companies that cooperate with us in the metal, wood and plastic industries.



We can imagine several ways to realize an idea, and we choose one, the right one: in terms of performance, timing, costs.

From display solutions, to retail, to packaging: we transform ideas into substance, shape, effective reality.

In order to offer an increasingly complete service to our customers, we also manage logistics and transport of materials.

Prototyping step
We advise the customer about materials, finishings, dimensions, proportions, volume.

Sharing step
We develop the feedback of the customer.

Industrialization step
Once the prototype is defined, we manage the industrialization to start the production in series.