Our path towards company sustainability

“ To change pace and trace a new path”


Sensitive to environmental issues since the beginning, attentive to the health and safety of our workers, today we have chosen to take up a new path, made up of commitment, respect for society and for the Planet.

We want a leading role in a world that changes towards a sustainable development and actively contribute to the achievement of the objectives defined by the 2030 Agenda.

We will continue to offer quality products, designed to be functional and to last over time, but sustainable, being the result of activities and processes with a low environmental impact, produced within the respect of the community inside and outside the company.


We have chosen to consolidate actions already undertaken and to start new collaborations to carry out the values ​​we believe in. Over the years, we have obtained and maintained quality, environmental and safety certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001) and we have implemented our integrated management system with procedures relating to SA 8000 and to ISO 37001.
We have obtained FSC and GRS certifications and we will soon draft the sustainability statement. 

We have developed, for some of our products, self-declared environmental claims in line with ISO 14021 to guarantee at least one of the following properties: recyclability, easy disassembly and recycled content. Always in line with ISO 14021 we are guaranteeing the recyclability of the packaging.

Furthermore, we are developing two parallel paths: one aimed at defining the organization CO2 footprint and the other aimed at creating a tool that is useful for calculating the product footprint. In this way, we allow our customers to understand that the item has an environmental impact that varies according to each technical or aesthetic requirement chosen.