A territorial work in continuous flux, to never forget

In cooperation with the artist Gianni Moretti for the realization of the art work “Monumento all’Attenzione”.

Artista Gianni Moretti
Art & Exhibition

“Monumento all’Attenzione” is a series of golden points along the mule-track running from Sant’Anna to Val di Castello. The work, dedicated to the memory of the people involved in the massacre of S. Anna di Stazzema, has been conceived by the artist Gianni Moretti and realized in cooperation with Giovanardi for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Superintendence of Lucca.

The artist Gianni Moretti asked for our support on the research and development for the realization and installation of 27000 elements characterized by a golden cap.

Anna Pardini was probably the youngest victim of the nazi-fascist massacre of Sant’Anna di Stazzema: she was 20 days old when she lost her life. For every day that she has not lived, the artist has decided to plant a golden element in the ground of one of the mule-tracks traveled along by the troops. Every year, 365 new points will be added to this series of golden dots allowing to revive the memory.

A living monument. A celebration of life, rather than death.

We have acknowledged the requirements of the artist in a work of mutual influence that has driven both teams to go beyond their usual frames of mind.

The challenge was to relate the aesthetics of the ‘nail’ planted in the ground to the organic shape of a cardoon and to develop the geometry of the single element with the aim of showing the physical characteristics of the material itself, variable over time.

We have realized 27000 nails in die-cast aluminum, with the mechanical application of a colored steel half-spherical cap, by electrochemical process.

On April 25, 2018, in Sant’Anna di Stazzema, the installation of the first element of the territorial work ‘Anna – Monumento all’Attenzione’ was performed.

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The interview to Massimo Giovanardi and Gianni Moretti who unveil the details of the project.

1.Research and study on planting systems, analyzing hiking and construction industry
2.Research and study on techniques for the production in series of thousands pieces (die-casting, shelling, etc.)
3.Research and study on suitable metallic alloys (zamak, aluminum, copper)
4.Research and study on surface finishings (anodization, varnishing, electro-coloring, galvanic processes)
5.Research and study on mechanical technology for the rapid application of deep-drawn caps (iron-shearing, deep-drawing)
6.Selection of tools and methods for the installation of the elements in the ground
Massimo Giovanardi
Marco Torti
Technical Consultant
Fabio Pirotta
R&D Manager
Chiara Redaelli
Designer Project Manager
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