Martina Cavallarin


(Venice, 1966) She lives and works in Venezia. Art reviewer, curator and essayist, she deals with contemporary visual arts with a look that extends among different languages and necessary contaminations.

She curated international exhibitions and published books and catalogues distributed in Italy and abroad.

Her research focuses on the study of the relational and social systems through artistic and educational projects that involve the contemporary culture and the human sphere. The investigation intercepts the contemporary artist – androgynous for condition and disposition – and the rhizomatic root. She studies and investigates the processes in progression, the expansion of the error, the analysis of the imperfections, memory, temporality, actions and mutations of the research expressed in the artistic field. In 2009 she founds Scatola Bianca, association that she leads and supervises, mainly dedicated to the visual contemporary art. She is involved in panels of judges and in scientific committees within public and private institutions. Besides the analytic writing and the planning of exhibitions, she conducts training workshops in Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, Venezia and in private associations and galleries. Her attention is addressed to young artists, reviewers, curators, working on the integration and growth modalities within the contemporary art system.



“The project of production of art pieces is an abandon experience that starts from the artist intelligence that relies on the factory know-how and, through the materials processing, the techniques and the poetics, becomes Contemporary Art.”

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