Daniele Milvio


Daniele Milvio was born in Italy in 1988, he graduated from high school in the historic Istituto Dante Alighieri of Rome with inexplicably low grades, later on he attended the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, while he was actually living in Paris. We can mention some personal exhibitions in New York, Milano, Basle and Berlin, and a fair number of collective shows in galleries and esteemed institutions. Nowadays he lives between Milano and Ansedonia and he is planning to devote himself to political activism within his very much-loved radical party.

“I admit my surprise when I visited the company, I couldn’t believe that in Italy there were such organizations, and I don’t mean only for the quantity of specializations that coexist in the same company, I’m talking about the obvious health of it. The factory is certainly cleaner than my kitchen and much more wholesome than my studio. An increasingly rare confidence in Italy’s production capacity captures me when I think of the enthusiasm that the entire staff shows towards a new project.”

Altare per divinità storicizzate, 2019

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