Altare per divinità storicizzate, 2019

After illustrations by Tiger Tateishi based on a graphic project by Ettore Sottsass

Base in steel suitable for containing water. Structure in polished brushed steel. Shielded and isolated electrical structure illuminated by 3 concentric circular blue neon tubes and 5 red incandescent bulbs. There are also two ‘secret’ compartments in the work.

Courtesy of the artist and the Gallery Federico Vavassori

Work realised by the Giovanardi Corporation

Photographic credits:  Andrea Rossetti

Daniele Milvio
Steel, blue neon tubes, bulbs
120 x 110 x h 200 cm

The work was created as a consequence of reflection on a world of materials unknown to the artist and on its advantages for delegating tasks. Since Daniele Milvio was used to working with materials familiar to him and that he could manipulate on his own, the nature of a piece realised by others necessitated a different theoretical approach. Not a work clearly inscribed in his normal experience, but rather the search for the greatest disorder possible within an industrial process. In this sense, Milvio decided to create a hybrid, a work made by many hands. It was inspired by an illustration by Tiger Tateishi, based on a graphic project by Ettore Sottsass. It is an ideal object, extremely difficult to realise, which finally took shape thanks to the will of many people. Years after its conceptualisation, which at that time was an exercise in acquiring artistic intelligence, it has now become an object of consequence, a presence.

Technical specifications:

Base in laser-cut stainless steel, bent and sealed with watertight solder. Column of stainless steel tubing. Internal structure of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) milled by a digitally-controlled machine. Surface clad in Scotch Brite brushed steel with a Supermirror-polished finish. Illumination by means of blue neon lights and red incandescent bulbs.

Dimensions:  120 x 110 x h 200 cm


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