A great project, an opportunity for growth

Giovanardi has founded the Retail Division to support Luxottica and Ray-Ban.

Eyewear & Watches

Since more than three years, we deal with the production, installation and distribution, in Italy, Europe and US, of display systems for Ray-Ban shop-in-shops in airports, shopping centers and department stores.

Some relationships with customers allow each other to grow and to change. It was the case for us with Luxottica and Ray-Ban, the most iconic sunglasses brand in the world. Since 1999, the brand Ray-Ban is part of the customers of Luxottica, a leading company in the design, production and distribution of sunglasses and eyewear.

Luxottica, being already a Giovanardi customer for other projects, challenged us to install Ray-Ban shop-in-shops worldwide.

We have assessed the need of the customer to give the right visibility and strength to a product so well established in the international fashion consciousness and we have created the Giovanardi Retail Division, specifically designed to offer an additional service to Luxottica.

Taking on the challenge of this project has been for us an opportunity for great growth and creative impulse.

For each shop-in-shop that we install, first of all, we conduct a survey, in order to detect the necessary measures for the drafting of the project, that is customized for each store.

The display systems are composed of metal towers, tube-shaped structures in iron with metal boxes supporting shelves in polycarbonate lit by LED boards.

The entire work requires a perfect organization for the logistics and on-site installation of the structures and of all the Ray-Ban material: backdrops, platforms and customized visuals, depending on the destination store.

The result: a large-scale project, in terms of volumes, image and production. An innovation with the foundation of the Retail Division.

1.Survey and measurement
3.Customized production
Valeria Latella
Back office
Riccardo Gelosa
Reatail Division Manager
Fabio Beretta
Project Manager
Diego Marino
Project Manager
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