Le dispenser pour Bel

Un packaging alimentaire tournant et transparent, pour exalter les caractéristiques du contenu et ne rester dépourvu.

Bel Italia
Food & Beverages
Pos / Display / Window display

For Bel we have developed a transparent dispenser to be stored in the refrigerator, suitable to contain the 6 mini cheeses of a package.


The idea inspiring the project is that the tube could ease the check of the number of Babybels available in the fridge, to promote a new purchase when empty.

This project unfolds from a concept of the customer: the image of a refrigerator interior containing a tube-shaped pack of Babybel mini cheeses.

The mockup, presented in Paris, has been successful and the company Bel has decided to assign to Giovanardi the production of this multifunctional display, as former developer of the large cylindrical dispenser for stores.

Therefore, how to respect the budget and how to obtain the best functionality?

First of all, through the research of the suitable materials to realize the pack and through the study of the application systems in each type of refrigerator.

Then, through the designation of a Chinese partner specialized in injection for food products.

Finally, passing the tests for certification, both in China and in Italy.

A container that must remain uncontaminated, must comply with safety standards, must be unbreakable and must be suitable for refrigerator temperatures.

A first experimental lot of 350.000 pieces has been distributed in Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Greece. Presented in Paris at the Popai Exhibition, certified by French authorities, the display has been subsequently distributed in the mass market in a pack also containing the Babybels and promoted through the communication campaign Pick’n Fun!

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