The new book: “10X100 fabbrica d’arte contemporanea”

We are very proud to announce the release of our new book “10X100 contemporary art factory”: a project that combines ethics and aesthetics by inserting itself into the extraordinary Art / Business trend. To celebrate 100 years of activity, Giovanardi has worked with 10 artists, each of whom has conceived and created his work: this book is a journey into this unique initiative.

The prismatic and visionary gaze of the artist put in dialogue with the ability to listen and the technical mastery of the factory have generated new and unexpected opportunities for meaning. Artistic research and construction practices have placed themselves at the service of matter and its unexpressed powers, giving life to extraordinary works.

An intervention that has activated the highest form of patronage, that which is based on the production of art. Giovanardi’s doors opened to a public utility process designed ad hoc and based on the refined combination that was established between the 10 invited authors and the company’s professionals; between artistic urgency, entrepreneurial needs, creative poetics and philanthropic value.

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Our path towards company sustainability

Our path towards company sustainability