Not only a new look: a new energy in our offices

26 settembre 2018

Between 2017 and 2018 we renewed our offices. That was the right occasion to reorganize the inner processes, to create new synergies, to prepare an environment that could be ideal for working at best.

The goals: improve the quality of work, do team building, mingle the different teams of the company.

How did we do? The purchasing department has become part of the production branch: in the core of the production area we made transparent walls that could enable the communication between inner and outer areas, ideal location also for the presentations to customers.

The prototype area is inspired by a Formula 1 pit, where speed and precision are essential, with the tools hanging on the walls and the chromatic choice of the black with a red stripe.

For the developing area we used bright colors, on the tones of orange, yellow, green.

The result: a communicative environment, functional and energetic to face new working challenges.

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Giovanardi at Panorama with Patrick Tuttofuoco

Giovanardi at Panorama with Patrick Tuttofuoco