“Le vulnerabili” by Gianni Moretti

Gianni Moretti
Art & Exhibition

Giovanardi continues in its artistic collaborations: the latest project in this series is the installation “Le vulnerabili” by Gianni Moretti, located in the Chico Mendez park in Spoleto.

The project was born from the dialogue between the artist and some teenagers to whom he asked what were the most frequently asked questions that arise in this delicate phase of their life. Attempts to answer are often unsatisfactory, so there are still question marks, open questions.

The artwork is the result of this discussion: it is at the same time a piece of furniture for the city, but also a vehicle for transmitting a message, a concept. Moretti has replaced one of the wooden slats that make up the seat, where sentences and drawings made by the boys are often engraved, with one of the same shape but in gilded steel, where he impresses a question that arose from the dialogue with the boys.

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