Giovanardi was established in Milan in 1919 as a handicraft manufacturer of stamps, plates and inks. Later it specialized in the production of enameled iron plates.

In the 30s and 40s, with the diffusion of the radio, it started the production of radio dials on celluloid and later on crystal supports. Among its customers, Giovanardi numbered companies such as Phonola, Irradio, CGE, Allocchio Bacchini and Siemens.

In the 50s, the production of plates and dials expanded, bringing an improvement to all the production processes, such as shearing, galvanic process, painting, silk-screen printing, lithography…
allowing it to supply historical Italian companies such as Fiat, Breda, Olivetti, Veglia Borletti, Magneti Marelli for almost three decades.

In the 60s, following the boom of the electrical appliances, new customers like Zanussi, Indesit and Candy and, in the scales sector, Santo Stefano, Toledo and Berkel, could be numbered among Giovanardi’s customers.

In the 70s, the spread of color television allowed Giovanardi to supply Telefunken, Philco, Mivar, and Philips Brionvega, producing for them aluminum control panels.

In the '80s, with the arrival of electronics and the consequent obsolescence of TV control panels and of scale dials, Giovanardi diversified its own production with the manufacturing of displays, window panels, promotional items for Alfa Romeo, Barilla, Buitoni, Cacharel, Fiorucci, Hanorah, Lancetti, 3M, Ungaro.

Since the '90s, the market of P.O.P. products, that is the communication materials on point of sale, has been constantly evolving, and products such as displays, totem, corners, shop in shop, packaging, have become increasingly sophisticated: Armani, BMW, BTicino, Bulgari, Coty, Davidoff, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Luxottica, P & G, Prada, Pirelli, Safilo, Sharp, Samsung can be numbered among Giovanardi’s customers.

Since 1999, Giovanardi is present in France through a design company located in Paris.

In the year 2000, Giovanardi Alliance was born, an agreement with three companies specialized in metal, wood and plastics, which implies synergies, common policies and a common mission.
Aim of this partnership is to offer, as quickly as possible, technical answers to the several requests coming from the market. SDA Bocconi was interested in Giovanardi Alliance and has analysed the “case” in its classrooms, as an example of development of a small-medium company.

In 2002 a new building of 3400mq (Product Area) was added to the existing factory of 3.500mq (offices, Development Area and Technology Area), which is entirely addressed to assembling, packaging and logistics.

In 2010, after many years of cooperation and sharing of professional and human values, Giovanardi expanded its activities through a joint venture with G. Box, a company specialized in paper products and present on the market since over 20 years.

Today Giovanardi is a joint stock company, based in Concorezzo (Milan), with 61 employees and a capital share of 1.000.000 Euro.

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